"Love the cards! Can you do any for new babies? It would be great to have an alternative to 'bundle of joy' cheese."
Di - Dec 6th 2009, 17:12

"Hey!! I was shopping in The Silver Pear in Ludlow today and came across your cards. I absolutely love them! i'm soooo glad to have found such a wide range of hilarious and environmentally friendly cards. Keep up the good work :)"
Lianne Burgess - Nov 28th 2009, 18:13

"Hello there! Just a quick word of thanks. I saw your 'be my friend' card two years ago in Liverpool and stupidly didn't buy it. Greetings cards are a totally overlooked way of communication and your designs are bloody brilliant. Anyway, it's taken me this long to find you again and I'm so glad I have! Loving the eco message too, keep up the brilliant work!"
Emily Rose - Nov 21st 2009, 19:17

"I spent hours looking at your cards whilst on a trip to London at the weekend, my friend and I left the shop with achy bellies we laughed so much. Back in Sheffield and just found them again - I'm so happy, will spread the word of joy to all (and buy from internet). Good work!"
Kerry P - Nov 3rd 2009, 14:28

"i saw one card of yours today and it made me laugh a lot and want to find out more! i haven't stopped chuckling since i jumped onto the site and definitely plan on buying your cards in future :)"
Luke - Oct 14th 2009, 00:44

"Thank you for making my day. My sister sent me the link to your website, i’ve been sat in my uni library laughing my head off...don’t think the people around me were too pleased with this but oh well their loss!
Keep up the good work!
Mark Wardman - Oct 8th 2009, 19:15

"We think your cards are the funniest things alive - we could spend all day staring and laughing at them, but not in a mad way. Our favourite is the one with the two dinosaurs saying "Alright." "Yep." Please keep them coming!! Love your biggest fans. ever."
Poppy and G - Sep 16th 2009, 10:23

"...for making me smile and laugh so much and for doing the same in the future to everybody I like and will send your cards to.

Can't wait for the tray range. Congratulations on a great business.

p.s please can you do something with guinea-pigs? They're a funny shape. x"
Lou - Sep 10th 2009, 11:32

"I found your cards in a shop in Manchester, fell about laughing but my friends were nonplussed. I couldn't really understand why."
Ben - Aug 11th 2009, 21:57

"I am so glad i found this site! I bought some of your cards from a little boutique shop in Chester that has now shut down....truely the funniest, most bizarre yet beautifully sweet cards ever!!! Thank you!"
Nici - Jul 30th 2009, 19:40

"I just cried laughing at a selection of your cards in a local shop! They're great! Im a student mental health nurse, i bought one for my work placement team to say thanks, hope they like it, its the one where he's run over by the lorry and is embarrassed about it! Took me ages to choose though, i wanted them all! Thought you should know! :) "
Beth - Jun 6th 2009, 17:56

"I find your cards hilarious! It's such a great job with something so simple. But what I really like is how inspiring your business seems to be. I love how your ethics page gives additional tips for an eco-friendly lifestyle."
Steph - May 27th 2009, 12:26

"So simply, so genious! I love them all!"
Naz - May 4th 2009, 21:43

"You cheer me up on a daily basis. I can't wait for the gift section. Hilarious!!! xx"
Amy Kennedy - Apr 15th 2009, 13:22

"Hello :) Just stumbled across your work on that Purple hoot website so i thought id search you in google to find some more! Your cards crack me up and im looking forward to your gift section being finished!

Ta Becki"
Becki - Apr 12th 2009, 22:27

"Walking into Utility on my local highstreet, the card that read "Did you just acidentally touch my willie?" made me giggle uncontrollably. I also like the Ralph and Alan ones, especially, "Go get me a kebab" that reminded me of me and my sister!
Please never stop making these fantastic cards!"
Ellie - Apr 12th 2009, 20:32

"I love to read your cards and am very excited about the gifts section!
The Cards never fail to make me laugh, and always put a smile on my face!
Ellie - Apr 12th 2009, 20:28

"Your cards are pure genius! Never fail to make me smile Brilliant! :)"
Nicola - Apr 9th 2009, 10:44

"I recently received a brochure of your card designs and I think they're hysterical! I'm not looking for cards for Boutiko at the moment but I'm keeping the brochure and your details for future reference. Thanks for brightening up my day!"
Tara - Apr 8th 2009, 17:37

"Have just seen your card in Progressive Greetings magazine. Genius! Just had to let you know, have not laughed sooo much or so loudly, at a card for a long time. I wish you well and shall be purchasing!"
Sara - Apr 8th 2009, 15:53

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